Mangal Dosha Effects

Effects of Mangal dosha When Mars is situated in the 1st house:The 1st house represents the house of spouse. Thus it normally affects the married life leading to unnecessary conflicts. It might also lead to physical assault and violence. Due to such unacceptable behavior such a person might suffer from tension, distress, separation or even divorce. When […]

What happens if Shukra is Strong?

A positive Venus will give you a good life with not much struggle it will make you beautiful and give you grandeur and richness in life; will get you settled from 22 to 24 years of age; will give you a good life in a partner; confidence; good body, a desire to live spiritually, you […]

Significance of planet Jupiter in Astrology

The planet Jupiter is synonymously called Guru or Brihaspati. This giant planet has got a great role in the life of human being. The planet is said to be highly spiritual. It is the symbol of devotion, worship and prayer. The planet Guru is one of the most effective planets in the birth chart and […]