A positive Venus will give you a good life with not much struggle it will make you beautiful and give you grandeur and richness in life; will get you settled from 22 to 24 years of age; will give you a good life in a partner; confidence; good body, a desire to live spiritually, you automatically attract good people of the opposite sex (magnetism). You will be artistic, creative, wealthy, and will have good thoughts. If Venus is with Rahu, Mangal/Mars, or Buddh/Mercury, then you will not have a good family life, or never at all, or may get it for a brief period, or in old age; it will give you love many times and many friends but under the influence of Rahu, you will never get honest love or honest friends or you yourself may not be able to love earnestly. If Venus is badly affected by Rahu, then your place of residence will have some bad aura/doshas, which will cause some illnesses or a bad family life. It may also cause problems in your skin and disease in the private parts. Also, you will start quarreling with your life partner.

* For removing effects of malefic Venus, Mantra and Stotra related to Venus are chanted. The Japa of these Mantras should be started from any Friday of the bright half ( Shukla paksha ). The total number of Japa for planet Venus is 16,000 but in Kaliyuga, they have to be done 4 times, and therefore the total number of Japas should be 64,000. After this a Homa ( Fire ritual ) should be performed in which the Venus Mantras should be recited 6400 times ( 1/10th of the total number of Mantras ).

* A person should Worship Goddess Lakshmi to pacify the Malefic effects of planet Venus. He should visit a Goddess Lakshmi Temple on Every Friday and recite Lakshmi Chalisa there. A person may also keep fast on Fridays. A person should donate Ghee, Camphor, Curd and Sugar on every Friday.

* Fasting is a way to devote yourself fully to the almighty. It purifies you internally as well as externally. Fasting gives you willpower that would be helpful in many ways. It is also a way to please planets. If you wish to keep yourself fit and appease planets, you may go for the fastings on specific days for a particular planet.If you wish to appease Venus, you should fast on Fridays. Apart from that you can fast on Ashtami for Goddess Durga or on Friday for Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat.

* According to Vedic Astrology, Daan (donation) is the best way to get rid of malefic effects of a planet. Also, it gives you a chance to do some good and pious acts to remove your sins. It should be done with full faith and devotion and without any expectation in return. Daan should be given to a Supatra (a good and suitable person). In Vedic Astrology, the planets which are good for you, you should give them power; and the planets that are giving you suffering, you should perform donation for that specific planet, so as to make its effect weak.

* Mantras have great significance in Vedic Astrology since ancient times. Every mantra creates specific vibration and energizes a person with the powerful energy of the deity related to that specific planet. Chanting of Shukra Mantra is a very good and easy way to appease your planets, however; a correct pronunciation is a must. Apart from that to reach ultimate state, you should chant the mantra in a specified number.

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